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A newly developed add-on that is attached to the regular care beds, which are used in hospitals and nursing homes. The base of the add-on consists of two bases that are connected to an elevation system, which allows the mattress to create an angle across the breadth of the bed. In this way, the angle of the bed can be changed from zero to 80 degrees.

This principle can be compared to the turnings that the personnel carry out constantly in order to create variation in the pressure load on the patient’s body. However, the add-on puts less strain on the body, is more comfortable for the patient while at the same time being resource- and timesaving.

– The changes in the position of the patient are monitored electronically by remote or manually by preprogramming the computer controlling the add-on.

– By simple preprogramming, various variables can be modified according to one’s wish; e.g. maximal angling of position, the pace by which the position varies, continuous change of positions or time intervals in certain angles.

– When mobilizing the patients and attending to their personal hygiene, the personnel have the possibility of manually adjusting the sides of the bed to a bigger angle.

– Elimination of sheer, since both sides/arms can be tilted to the same degree, the angle between them will be constant.

– One side of the add-on can be angled to 80 degrees, thus turning the bed into a sofa, which is very practical when eating.

– A special hinge structure makes it possible to retain the usual elevation of the head end and foot of bed across the length of the bed.

– The add-on allows angling of the headboard while changing positions; this makes the add-on optimal for patients with lung and heart diseases, since they need to sit upright.

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