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Issue – the background of the care bed

Pressure ulcers are one of the greatest challenges to health care and medical science. Due to the complexity of the disease, various areas of expertise are involved, such as dermatology, vascular surgery, orthopedic surgery, anti-infection medicine, nursing care, nutrition, assistive aids and technology.
Pressure ulcers are a growing burden for a large number of patients and citizens all over the world in hospitals, nursing homes, relief care- and rehabilitation centers and for bedridden citizens in their own homes. The patient not only experiences discomforts such as pain, disease, operation and in worst case life-threatening diseases, but also longer hospitalization., risc of complications, longer rehabilitation period, heavier medicine use and poorer level of function.
Pressure ulcers are en enormous challenge for both the individual, society and health care. These years, a large number of hospitals and nursing homes are making great efforts to minimize the problem. The implementation of the pressure ulcers package on the country’s hospitals and focused effort against pressure ulcers is just one of the three areas for joint regional action.
Today, no preventative measures that reduce the emergence of pressure ulcers to a high degree exist, without them being resource and personnel-demanding or highly expensive.

In the future, there will be even lesser personnel to tend to a growing number of patients and the increasing population of elderly. Bearing this in mind, it makes perfect sense to make modifications to the hospital bed as we know it today, so that it becomes a more active and efficient piece of equipment that can both prevent pressure ulcers and save time and resources.

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