What our users says about us

Charlotte Skjoldman, Team manager at Day center – CFD Egebækhus, Nærum:

“Our personnel have sighed for similar aids for several years. Aids, which, like SPB, can work together with the existing aids that we are happy with, for instance the mattresses we already have, spilerdug (?) and the use of the bed’s functions.”

“The benefit of the bed is that there is a lesser need for transfers and touching of the citizen in a nursing situation than before. This means that the citizen reacts in a less powerful way, thereby giving him or her a better start to the day and ensuring a better work environment for the personnel.”

Gitte Simmel Jacobsen, Ergotherapist and Work environment representative – Grønbjerghjemmet Center Vest, Spjald:

“Earlier, we experienced that the citizen felt unsafe and reacted in a powerful manner when the personnel had to turn him around in the middle of the night, thereby waking him up. Now, with the automatic night program, which moves the citizen form side to side with very slow and quiet movements, the nights have become much calmer. It is genius. It both creates a sense of security for the citizen and creates a better work environment for the personnel.”

Stine Spangen, Physiotherapist – Seniorcenter Egegården, Gladsaxe:

”Lying statically still caused the citizen pain. After having tested the automatic turning function for about a month, the citizen is now able to get out of bed by herself. Before, her whole body was stiff when she awoke, whereas now she is relatively mobile. In addition, she does not wake up during the turnings.”

Linn Trentel Busch, Physiotherapist and Work environment representative – ErgoPro

“In situations where the job/transfer normally requires two employees to lie liftsejl (?) onto the patient, the overbed is assessed to save considerable resources, since lying of the liftsejl with the aid of the overbed can be done in a secure manner by one person.”

Jessie Lykke, Head of centre – Centre for elderly Egegården/Møllegården, Gladsaxe

“The overbed is ideal for citizens who need to be lifted out of their beds – in this case, the work environment is improved for the personnel who do not have to pull, push and hold the citizen. The overbed can ensure that there is only need for one employee instead of two, while being a gentler solution for the citizen. It can also be used to ‘embrace’ dement agitated citizens. The bed can also be used to turn the citizens automatically during the day”