Citizen / Patient:

  • Fewer pressure ulcers
  • Less pain and wound care
  • More comfort
  • Fewer skin problems and less odor
  • Comfortable pressure relief
  • Quicker mobilisation
  • Safety from falling out of the bed
  • Easy to operate – more citizens can be self-reliant
  • Also suitable for overweight persons
  • Helps preventing pneumonia in bedridden patients

The personnel:

  • Better work environment
  • Fewer injuries to the locomotor system
  • From 2 to 1, “the sensible transfer”
  • Efficiency improvement
  • Less time spent tending to pressure ulcers
  • Aid to transferring, personal hygiene and mobilization of patients
  • Less medical equipment to fit into the small rooms
  • The obvious choice for a mattress
  • Easy to operate

Nursing homes & hospitals:

  • Half as many mobilizations of patients
  • Saves resources
  • Substantial health economics savings
  • Shorter bedtime for the patients
  • Fewer hospitalizations
  • Longer life cycle compared to existing products – fewer replacements and reparations
  • Less need for homecare and in-home help
  • Savings on rehabilitation